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hi, we're

folkie-indie-prairie-rock from Minneapolis MN

images on this page by Lil Bee Photo 2024

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see the video for our latest single "Lakehouse" below. 

a bit about us...

Keep for Cheap’s special blend of indie, country, rock, and pop has a little something for everyone. Playing what they call “prairie-rock,” the Minnesota five-piece will make you feel like a kid, then break your heart without skipping a beat. On their debut album ‘Bundle’, released June 2022, the band strives to make music that moves, with driving instrumentals and poignant lyrics that beckon you forward. Their debut LP ‘Bundle’ pines over queer love and passing youth, exalts the wonders of the natural world, and begs for connection wherever it can be made.

Photo by Lil Bee Photo 2024 >

DSC_4306 (1).jpg
DSC_4306 (1).jpg

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